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Devon Farms

Most farms in the South West have been using single farming methods for many years. This method allows easy collection of the crops, but impoverishes the land with each rotation. The truth is that the historic land in which we cultivate is a non-renewable resource which, once lost, it cannot be recreated.

This use of the land requires added chemicals, which in turn damages the soil quality. As well as the loss of nutrients, the potential of this land being used for environmental causes is lost. This is, through the elimination of CO2 by the planting of trees.

Benefits of Mixed Farming

Mixed farming or Silvopasture the practice of combining woodland and the grazing of domesticated animals in a mutually beneficial way. This technology also allows greater food security and improved household nutrition levels. In addition, farmers can generate a surplus of some products that can be sold at market.

This method benefits the soil fertility and biodiversity as well as improving efficiency of the land.

The ability to include a pasture phase or green manure into the system is paramount in building the soil and the profitability of the farm. Adding livestock to this simply means there is a return on the money invested in these tools immediately.

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