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Promoting mixed farming in Devon was a project for the Exeter Entrepreneur Society's ExImpact, a hackathon aimed at building a company that supported a social or environmental cause. While unfortunately the website was unfinished by the end of the weekend, I am leaving this snapshot up for a couple of reasons. The first was to show what we achieved and to raise awareness of the cause, since we believe strongly in its merits and are proud of the results of our work. The second was to show off the design and branding, which was unanimously voted as the best among all contestants.

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The name “Silvo” comes from the Latin for forest, and specifically references silvopasture, the mixture of trees and agriculture (also known as agroforestry). Silvo, therefore, aims to promote mixed farming methods, the benefits of which can be found in the (currently unfinished) “how to” section. An example might be growing timber trees alongside cattle, giving farmers a source of income for the long-term and short-term, while mitigating the effects of deforestation caused by the need for land for livestock.

Mixed farming has not particularly caught on with farmers, partly due to a lack of awareness and partly due to lack of clarity behind the methods. Silvo aimed to combat this by being a one-stop resource for farmers everywhere, explaining exactly how mixed farming can benefit their farm, and how they can get started. I will likely update this page in the future to better reflect this, as right now it’s very bare-bones – I had to create and design the website and logo from scratch over the course of a weekend, so I didn’t have much time for content!

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