About these projects

This page is a catch-all for all the projects that don't fall under the umbrella of "illustrations" (though some may be included). Here you'll find fully fleshed-out business plans for ideas I've had, along with branding, visuals, websites and other important materials; essentially taking the projects as far as I reasonably can.
If you're just interested in the UX/UI, the respective buttons will take you to the project on Behance.


ChuoEigo is a website that was made during Japan's April 2020 quarantine. Complete with grammar rules, vocab lists and voice clips for help with pronunciation, it allowed students to catch up on work they would otherwise have missed. Click below to visit the website.


Coming soon! Grassroots.gg is a crowdfunding website for online and offline game tournaments. View the entire business plan complete with the final branding and interface, or view just the UX/UI on Behance.

Coming soon...

New project currently in the works. Stay tuned to find out more!