About these projects

On this page you'll find my favourite recent illustrations, updated as I come out with more. By following the links you'll be directed to the respective Behance page; alternatively, you can browse everything by clicking here.

Game Logos

A number of different text-based logos for freelance clients. While these might not necessarily all be used as logos for mobile games, they're most closely associated with this category. All were a lot of fun to make.

Playlist Art

Album covers for various personal playlists. These pieces in particular follow a line-art style that I have explored previously, but are more experimental with the colours that they use.

Ibaraki Travel Patches

Stylised travel patches based on landmarks around Ibaraki prefecture, with the aim of promoting tourism to the region. Future additions to the series may include such lesser-known locations as Iwama's Mount Atago and Kasama's Kitayama park.